The Enneagram

Hi, I’m Erin: Radical Wellness Collaborative’s Enneagram Trainer and Business Coach.

The Enneagram. What is it, anyway?  You may have heard about it on social media.  On a podcast.  Through a friend.  Or even your bible study group.  However, you’ve come to know it, my guess is it left you with more questions than answers.  If that’s the case, she’s doing her job.

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Welcome to Radical Wellness Collaborative

Hi! I am Elyse, MA, LMFT, CVO + Founder of Radical Wellness Collaborative. 

I believe that we are better together and the more that we push into our giftedness in good company, the better we all get. Hence, the creation of Radical Wellness Collaborative. It is our mission to provide you with holistic care in a radical way. 

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