Welcome to Radical Wellness Collaborative


Hi! I am Elyse, MA, LMFT, CEO + Founder of Radical Wellness Collaborative. 

I believe that we are better together and the more that we push into our giftedness in good company, the better we all get. Hence, the creation of Radical Wellness Collaborative. It is our mission to provide you with holistic care in a radical way. 

I am creative, unconventional, wildly hopeful and determined to create spaces for people to come home to themselves. I do this through one on one work, small groups, events, speaking and my podcast

 We are a collection of professionals committed to providing excellent care in a radical way, wherever you are on your wellness journey and wherever you are geographically. All of our wellness providers use a modern approach to serving you, which means that all our work is available online via remote technology. We use a holistic, integrative approach to wellness, providing services that consider the mind, body and spirit of each person.

Together, we are working to create a radical wellness community. 

Bottom line, we believe holistic wellness is attainable and when we work collaboratively towards this effort, we get there more beautifully. We are committed to providing you the best care possible in the most efficient and holistic way. 

I am so glad you are here and I invite you to linger. To read and get curious, to notice what you are drawn to, and to consider what wellness looks like for you. Welcome to Radical Wellness Collaborative!