Do you want to join us for a FREE wellness challenge?

Ok, here are the basic details. It is 100% totally FREE. The challenge will be one week long and if you say yes (which we really hope you do!), we will send you a rad wellness experience to try each morning via video in our private facebook group. You will get to learn about and try different wellness practices like - creating a morning practice, breath work, experiential core beliefs, meditation exercises, mindful enneagram experiences, spiritual reflection, and basically all the things we do and love that have lead to living radically well and think will change your experience too. NBD. But seriously, living a life of radical wellness means learning to incorporate simple, subtle shifts in order to sustain great change over time. We think this challenge will be a great way to try a bunch of fun wellness experiments and see what works for you. As humans, we are not one size fits all, so our journey to wellness won’t be either. This is your chance to see what fits for you and then create a practice around that. How’s that sound? Ready to join us? The next challenge starts October 1st. Hope to see you there!