One on One

Choose a guide that aligns with your goals and work one on one to get there. Sessions are individually tailored to meet your unique needs in the most efficient way possible. Whether you are making a life transition, looking for personal or professional growth, seeking an unbiased sounding board, or needing a mental shift, One on One work is a great way forward.


Small Groups

One of our deepest needs as people is community. We created our Small Groups to give you a way to both learn and cultivate relationships through conversation and connection. All of our groups are 6 weeks long and are limited to 6 people. They are an affordable way to do good work in good company.



Come join us in person for an experiential workshop where we show you exactly what we mean by radical wellness. Our different guides have joined forces to create workshops that integrate our mind, body and spirit through the use of conversation and movement. Two hour events that lead you through your story and into wellness. Hope to see you at the next one!