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mind + body + Spirit


Helping you gain clarity so you can live well.

Understand your journey. Create change. Enjoy a life of radical wellness.

Let’s face it, as human beings we are complex, but our way to a better life doesn’t have to be. Radical Wellness Co. recognizes the integrated complexity of being human and specializes in providing care from a holistic perspective, considering the mind, body and spirit of each person. Our team consists of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, a Spiritual Director, Enneagram Coach, Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Self-Care Advocate. Our wellness guides use a modern approach to serving you, which means that wherever you are on your wellness journey and wherever you are geographically, we are available via remote technology and you can start now.


Start Here

Choose a guide that aligns with your goals. Decide if you want to work one on one, in a small group or at a workshop. Begin your journey to living well. Not sure what you need first? You can combine any of our services to make your own Rad Wellness Package! This way you can customize what you want and in what order. Still not sure, no problem, email us and we will walk you through it.

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Who We Are

We are a collaborative of professionals reframing the narrative on how therapy and mental health services are provided. We specialize in remote therapy and coaching for people looking to create real change. We use modern, dynamic approaches to move people through their resistance and into their goals. Don’t limit yourself to your city limits. Think outside the box and get access to a wellness provider who is right for you.


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